Our mission is to create meaningful jewelry that represents the people, places and moments that matter most to you - and at the same time - support our community.

customer reviews

I purchased earrings for my fiancé and she adores them. I must say they look stunning on her too. The Printed Poppy has such beautiful detail and I was so excited that they came so quickly!

Kyle (Colorado)

I purchased six unique necklaces for each of my bridesmaids from printed poppy. Printed Poppy’s variety and meaning behind each necklace was so helpful in choosing a necklace that really connected to each person. The Goddess necklace instantly spoke to my sister, who is the embodiment of feminine power, the sweetheart & layered disc necklace were combined to create a family necklace, and a simple medium disk with a leaf for my friend strives for growth. Printed Poppy’s modern, minimalist jewelry was the perfect gift for all my bridesmaids.

Emily (Ontario)